Low Cost Auto Transport

Low cost auto transport is a great way to save money on shipping a car, truck or van. Compare auto transport quotes below & save up to 60% on your auto transport.

Low Cost Auto Transport

Compare Rates and Services to Find the Best Low Cost Auto Transport Option

If you’re planning to relocate, you might not have the time to drive your vehicle yourself. You might have to drive the moving van, you might have a second vehicle or the chore might not fit your schedule. If you need to have your vehicle moved across the state or across the country, check into the numerous car transport companies offering their services. It’s easy to get auto shipping quotes and find the best auto transport company for your situation if you follow a few tips and search the Internet.

• Before you start looking for a quote, you need to make a few decisions. Some people want their car shipped in an enclosed container, so their vehicle isn’t exposed to the weather during the trip. If you have a custom, vintage or classic car, you probably want to use this type of low cost auto transport to be safe. Uncovered auto transport is usually sufficient for most people and is considerably cheaper.

Low Cost Auto Transport

• Decide whether you want door-to-door service or if you only need delivery to the local terminal. With door-to-door service, the company will get as close to your home as possible when picking up or delivering your vehicle. Since auto transport vehicles are large, they don’t fit in some neighborhoods. In that case, you’ll need to go to a nearby parking lot to pick up your vehicle.

• Get quotes from as many movers as you can. Most companies have rates for coast-to-coast delivery, north to south delivery and shorter length moves. There are Internet sites that allow you to place the details of the move online. Auto transport companies will then send you bids for the job. When you have a list of bids and companies, do some homework. Check each company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Don’t base your decision on price alone.

• Verify the company’s credentials. Ask how much insurance coverage they have for your vehicle when it’s in their possession. Make sure they have licenses for the origination and destination states. See if you can purchase extra insurance or pay for a guaranteed delivery date.

After you’ve weighed all the options, you should be able to narrow the search down to one or two companies. From there, you can base your selection on whatever things you feel are most important.

After you’ve picked an auto transport company, there are a few more things you need to do to ensure a safe, inexpensive voyage.

• Prepare your car for the move. Lower the car’s antenna. Disable the alarm system. Remove any CDs, valuables, child safety seats, tool boxes and anything that isn’t fastened or will weigh the car down. Moving rates are based on weight, so make your vehicle as light as possible. Ship it with just a couple gallons of gas in the tank, so you’re not paying to ship gasoline across the country.

• Be on time for your drop-off. If you’re using a door-to-door service, have the vehicle at the agreed-upon location at the agreed-upon time. Being late can have a cascading effect on other pickups and deliveries. Walk around the vehicle with the driver to check it for any current damage. Note whatever dents, scratches or scrapes you find on the bill of lading and have the driver sign it.

If you have a delivery estimate, don’t be surprised if your vehicle is delivered a day early or late. Traffic, weather and late customers can all have an effect on your delivery date. When you take delivery, compare the notes you made with the condition of the car when it’s delivered. If you notice any new damage, note it on the receipt and have the driver sign your notes.